Outnet.com- it’s chic-o-nomics. No it’s a waste of time

8.15am I read an email  on my blackberry. “The outnet’s 1st birthday sale has started.” the email was sent at 7.30. Shit why didn’t my phone beep at me.

8.16am click on the outnet’s website. Proxy error blah blah blah. Of course the site can’t take the crazy amount of p.r that the company has given the world about this stupid birthday party over the last month!

9.10 am my finger is starting to hurt from the continuous pressing of the refresh button.

9.15 am finally I get onto the darn website. I go straight to what I want to purchase- a lovely silk, Nanette Lapore dress. BASKET, BASKET, BASKET! ok, CHECK OUT! Wait, why does it say that this item I’m purchasing is the price it was before. It doesn’t actually say that any of the items are a pound. This makes me scared to put my card details in. Just in case they charge me the full price for the item. AHHHH what do I do? Oh it doesn’t matter it’s crashed anyway.





One response to “Outnet.com- it’s chic-o-nomics. No it’s a waste of time

  1. uggg the same thing happend to me! I got on okay, but my perfect black Miu Miu shoes were gone! sad day. thanks allot theoutnet.com.

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