Clogs vs Winged trainers.

Oh Chanel. Why? WHY CHANEL?  I can’t get over these. I know they have been about for a while, but they have been all over the personal style blogs lately and I just can’t stand them. I have never seen a shoe so unflattering. They are chunky, bulky. They aren’t beautiful they aren’t feminine. Why would you design such things. Also, what kind of items of clothing would they go with? As you can probably tell I’m not the biggest fan.

Winged trainers however, I think they’re brilliant! trainers for me have always been, well.. just trainers. These adidas numbers were first brought out in summer last year I believe, but they have just been featured in the new adidas television advertisements and are doing really well.

Now readers you may think the clogs are the best things since sliced bread and the winged trainers are just bloody stupid, so let me know what you think!




4 responses to “Clogs vs Winged trainers.

  1. It’s cruel to make me choose!!!

  2. Haha well I’m glad someone likes them both 🙂 thanks for comment lovely!

  3. LOVE this… absolutely sassy and true. Heavy, cloggy, clunky and one could slip. Eeks.

  4. haha thanks for commenting Madeleine. Could you imagine those beasts slipping of whilst walking down the street? Scary times!

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